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Rhys Coleman

Hi, I'm Rhys Coleman. Welcome to my profile!

Rhys Coleman's Bio:

Since Rhys Coleman has moved from Croydon to Liverpool he has found how much passion he has for music. When Rhys was younger, all he did was play football with his childhood friends in his hometown of Croydon and watch his favourite football team Charlton Athletic. Since moving, Rhys discovered music and has started a new chapter in his life.

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Rhys Coleman's Education:

Rhys Coleman's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, music, song writing, football, charlton athletic, london life,liverpool,live music,bands,young talent,reading,politics,human rights,war,social media, housing,twitter,facebook,linkedin,google+,pinterest,digg,blogs,Rock climbing,Archery,Crossfit,Crochet,Yoga,Glassblowing,Pole dancing,Gardening,Adult intramural sports,handball, kickball, tennis,

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